Saturday, November 30, 2013

New Title Banner!!

After a few years, I thought it was fair to change the look of the blog a little bit. If you look up I've changed the banner, to one thats better (I think) and less crowded than the previous one. The pictures on the new title banner are all from different localities I've been doing fieldwork over the last couple of years and expect to continue to do so.

As for the old one, here's what was in it.
1) Pleistocene beach deposits in Isabela, Puerto Rico
2) Illustration of the skull of a new dugongid taxon (more on this in 2014)
3) Portunid crab from the San Sebastian Formation
4) Cross-bedded sandstones of the San Sebastian Formation
5) Tooth of Physogaleus contortus from the Lares Limestone
6) Tooth of Hemipristis serra from the Juana Diaz Formation
7) Outcrop of the Lares Limestone along road 111 in San Sebastian, Puerto Rico
8) Illustration of the skull of Dugong dug on showing the muscle attachment sites, modified from Domning (1977)
9) Mandible of Nesophontes edithae, one of several extinct Pleistocene mammals from PR 

Of course, feel free to guess where the pictures in the new banner were taken and leave your comments below. Good luck!!

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