Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Marine Mammals in an Old Print

I acquired this old print a while back (see image below). Not sure which is the source or the date. But based on the illustrations, it seems quite old (based on the engraver's name, probably sometime in the early 1800's). The reason I got it was primarily for the marine mammals, but there are also other animals which are curiously depicted.
Feel free to write in the comments which kind of animal you see in it, and/or peculiar things you notice in about them. Enjoy!


Ricardo said...

Interesting poster. It has the look of the illustrations in the books of Natural History of the nineteen century in England. The bison and the whales are particularly funny looking. They have the unmistakable look that you get when someone that has never seen an animal has to make an illustration solely on a verbal description.

J. Velez-Juarbe said...

Welcome Ricardo and thank for your comment.
Indeed it does look like an old British publication. Notice also the sloth, its right side up.

Neil said...

Awesome plate! I believe the original source is A History of the Earth and Animated Nature by Oliver Goldsmith, first published in 1774, but this is from one of the later editions from the mid 19th. C. I think. The artist is Dr. Thomas Brown.

J. Velez-Juarbe said...

Hi Neil and welcome!
Thanks for the information, on the lower left hand corner of the plate it reads Drawn by Captn. Brown, my guess is that it refers to the same person you mention.

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